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Now Accepting Full-Time and Part-Time Students in
Plano, Fairview, Frisco and Dallas!

Welcome to the NTPA – ACADEMY!

At NTPA – Academy, you get to take that step onto stages, in front of cameras, or behind the scenes, that you can’t get outside of the collegiate or professional world. This is “Your Future NOW!”

The North Texas Performing Arts – Academy offers a high quality and challenging educational experience in a supportive learning environment to youth with a passion for the performing arts.

The Conservatory provides a powerful option to traditional public school, private school, and home-school alternatives, preparing for the collegiate and professional world through a rigorous and comprehensive educational and experiential learning model for students age 11-18.

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Are You Opting In to Online Public School This Fall?

Combine your public school options with NTPA Academy for a hybrid program that meets your needs!

Academy “Core Flex” Provides a Safe Environment for Online Schooling.

Continue your school’s online classes with the support of our core academic coaches. Students participating in Core Flex can participate in any online curriculum of their choice.

Earn a Performing Arts Certification with Advanced Performing Arts Classes

The Academy Conservatory offers comprehensive and integrated performing arts curriculum enabling students to earn certifications in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Acting, Video & Film, Theatrical Professions, and Dance.

Your Future NOW!

The Academy is built upon three decades of experience in developing the character of youth and combines the power of three powerful forces for a profound learning experience.

1. Collegiate Level Curriculum

A powerful and compelling curriculum that offers flexibility and depth through five different performing arts certifications that compete with collegiate-level study, preparing every Academy student for their future now!

2. Outstanding Faculty Depth

The Academy offers the largest performing arts faculty outside the collegiate realm possessing literally hundreds of years of stage, academic and directing performing arts experience.

3. State of the Arts Theatre Training Facilities

Including one of the largest working youth theatre complex’s in the country, Academy students enjoy multiple unique theatres, dance and rehearsal studios, private practice rooms and more.

Campuses Open in Plano, Fairview, Frisco and Dallas!

The NTPA – Academy offers full-time and part-time educational options for students at all four NTPA locations.


Willow Bend Center of the Arts
(The Shops at Willow Bend)
6121 W. Park Blvd. B216
Plano, TX 75093


Fairview Youth Theatre
(Fairview Town Center)
302 Town Place
Fairview, TX 75069


NTPA – Frisco
6500 Preston Road, Suite 101
Frisco, TX 75034


NTPA – Dallas
12300 Inwood Rd. #112
Dallas, TX 75244

Explore the NTPA – Academy Facilities
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NTPA’s Three-Pillar Education

Drawing on almost thirty years as a North Texas not-for-profit educational institution delivering high-quality performing arts training, the NTPA Academy combines the very best of environments to foster a complete educational solution through its “Three Pillars” educational model.


Core Flexible Learning Environment

NTPA offers a flexible approach to support core State of Texas-required instruction through our innovative “Core Flex”. Always staffed by our “Core Academic Coach”, this high-energy and comfortable study environment helps keep students focused on their middle and high school core education.

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Advanced Curriculum

A comprehensive and integrated performing arts Conservatory Curriculum enabling certifications in General Theatre, Musical Theatre, Acting, Video & Film, and Technical Theatre. Taught by degreed professionals, the curriculum offers a broad and fast-moving performing arts education that will resonate with college admissions and university theatre departments as well as professional casting directors and employers.

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Musical and Dramatic Productions

For almost three decades, NTPA has offered an immersive performance and production experience in the widest variety of Broadway, dramatic, musical and literary Productions offered in Texas. Directed by trained and degreed or acting professionals and performing in front of live audiences, no other organization can provide the breadth and depth of real-life performance experience available at the North Texas Performing Arts.

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Building Skills for the 21st Century!

Education experts, academicians, business leaders and now the National Education Association are now promoting what the performing arts world has known for decades. A student’s success in the century ahead is going to be based on their ability to master four essential skills they call the “Four C’s.”

Creativity. Communication. Collaboration. Critical Thinking. 

Preparation for an integrated, virtual, and artificial intelligence world forces educational institutions to move beyond traditional educational skills. At the Academy, we build upon these skills every single day and into every single course’s curriculum as these skills have been essential for success in the performing arts realm for decades.

The Academy is committed to offering an innovative, educational option to students with a passion for the performing arts. NTPA students can choose to participate in full-time, part-time or cafeteria-style instruction customized to a student’s specific needs and goals. This flexibility provides both an alternative to traditional public and private school choices, and a supplementary instruction option for those preferring a homeschool or online education (distance learning) environment. Regardless of the path selected, each student is embraced with the “Fifth C”, “Character” which follows NTPA’s time-honored “Ten Characters” values of learning and a focus on embracing the individual to ignite the passion and talent within.

(See the National Education Association’s recommendations for “Preparing 21st Century Students”)

Application and Admission Process

Students wishing to take advantage of the Conservatory offerings will complete the NTPA Admission Application, participate in a Conservatory Audition and Faculty Interview, and selections will take place as outlined in our Application and Admission Process.

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Academy Tuition and Fees

The North Texas Performing Arts Academy is a not-for-profit institution with a goal to provide a high-quality educational experience for its students. To maintain high academic and performance standards, NTPA charges competitive tuition rates with minimal “other fees” on a Full-time, Part-Time and cafeteria-style basis to accommodate an individual student’s goals and needs. Standard tuition and fee rates are available and a full cost breakdown with discounts and scholarships can be custom created by the Academy Advisor.

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Academy Scholarships

Scholarships are considered on a rolling basis when funding is available. Scholarship funds are limited and depending on the source of the funds, may be available only for residents of certain cities or counties, or other qualifications. All scholarship applications must be received no later that two weeks prior to classes beginning in order to be considered.

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Performing Arts Faculty

Over the decades, the North Texas Performing Arts has assembled a strong and distinguished staff of Director/Teachers, administrators and advisors. This talented Instructional Team offers depth of credentials and real-world performing experience with bachelor and advanced degrees from some of the country’s top university performing arts departments. This staff also includes teachers with many years of experience in the traditional public and private as well as the homeschool educational setting and the Academy Director has over fourteen years of experience in homeschool and theatre administration and instruction.

Academic Standards

The NTPA Academy fine arts curriculum upholds the standards of the Texas State Board of Education with the use of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) identified for Fine Arts, in addition to the National Fine Arts Standards. The certified program allows each student to pursue their passion through, dance, voice, acting, film & TV, and technical theater training. The Academy model is designed for students to experience learning through a variety of different techniques such as individual projects, group projects, independent study, exploring literature, hands on activities, directing projects, creative writing, artistic design and taking a personal responsibility as they invest into their education.