We strive every day to build character in our students, both on and off the stage. Our volunteer Board of Directors willingly gives their time, support and guidance to ensure the theatre is financially strong and effectively managed in an ethical and moral manner. They have agreed to abide by this Code of Conduct to advance the betterment of the Plano Children’s Theatre, its students, staff, members, Patrons and public.

Our Board of Directors will

  1. Abide in all respects by the Plano Children’s Theatre Code of Ethics, the Policies and Procedures,and the By-Laws and all other rules and regulations of the organization and will ensure that their membership and financial accounts and obligations remain in good standing at all times.
  2. At all times obey all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and will provide or cause to provide the full cooperation of the theatre when requested to do so by those institutions and their persons set in authority as are required to uphold the law.
  3. Conduct the business affairs of the association in good faith and with honesty, integrity, due diligence, and reasonable competence.
  4. Always hold the betterment of the students and the theatre members and patrons as their first priority, including during all participation in discussions and voting matters and contribute as a productive and positive force.
  5. Recognize that they are obligated to act in a manner which will bear the closest public scrutiny.
  6. Not abuse their position as a board member by action, insinuation or suggestion to any theatre student, staff or patron that they are entitled to, may receive or expect any special treatment or benefit beyond that of other patrons and members of the theatre.
  7. Make no effort to influence, guide, impact or persuade casting decisions for family members, friends or any other interest, and acknowledge the Director has complete, independent and unfettered decision-making authority on casting and creative decisions and will distance themselves from such decision-making except where the ethical or moral standards of the theatre are threatened;
  8. Will declare any conflict of interest, be it real, potential, or apparent, which is not immediately obvious with regard to any matter being discussed in their presence during a board meeting, and willingly recluse themselves from any matter in which such a conflict might exist.
  9. Will not knowingly take advantage of or benefit from information that is obtained in the course of my official duties and responsibilities as a board member, and that is not generally available to membership
  10. Will protect the organizations information closely and will not release or share confidential information without the permission, preferably in writing, of the person who provided it
  11. I will maintain confidentiality of all information which the board deems ought to be kept confidential
  12. Will remain mindful of resources which are in their trust on behalf of the organization, and will help establish policies which ensure the maximization of secure and protected resources
  13. Can expect to be reimbursed for legitimate, justifiable and reasonable expenses incurred for the sake of the organization.
  14. Will reject gifts, favors, or benefits on a personal basis and recognize that such offers may be an effort to secure advantage.
  15. Will represent the theatre informally and formally to other associations, societies, government officials, and business representatives and in such a way as to leave others with a positive impression of the organization and preserve and enhance the good reputation of the organization and will avoid behavior which might damage its image.