New Student Discount

NTPA is offering 30% off of tuition towards major productions, classes, and camps for every new student to NTPA.

The promotion for spring classes and camps ends March 31. In order to receive the 30% new student discount for classes or camps, simply use the code NEW2NTPA at checkout.

The major production discount continues year round with the code NEW2NTPA. To receive the 30% new student discount for major productions, indicate that you are a new student on your registration form. Your invoice will reflect your 30% discount. You may pay your remaining balance via or use the code NEW2NTPA if paying on our website on the “Make a Payment” page.

Each student may only receive a 30% discount for one production, class or camp.

Bring a Buddy

Current patrons who bring a buddy (new student) to participate in a class or production will get a $25 credit added to their account.

In order to receive your $25 credit, ask your buddy to list your name under “referral” on his/her registration form.

When you refer a buddy to a class, a $25 credit will be applied to your account upon the buddy’s completion of the class. This can be applied to any future NTPA camps, classes or productions.

When you refer a buddy to a major production, a $25 credit will be applied towards your second tuition payment. Your invoice will reflect this $25 discount. When using this discount, your second tuition payment must be made via