We strive every day to build character in our students, both on and off the stage and want to deliver the very best experience for our students and young performers. In order to make this happen, we need the support of our Parents and Patrons, and while they are at the Plano Children’s Theatre, we ask them to follow these simple rules of conduct.

Our Parents and Patrons will

  1. Ensure their child follows the Rules of Conduct adopted and published by Plano Children’s Theatre.
  2. Ensure their child attends scheduled program activities regularly and shows up on time with all necessary materials and is prepared to complete the expected activities and may only leave when dismissed by the Director or instructor;
  3. Encourages and leads the child to develop proper show study habits at home, and works with the student at home to learn lines, songs, dances or other materials are ready to hit the stage.
  4. Ensures the off-stage conduct of their child is conducive to a proper learning environment.
  5. Willing participates in Director discussions as requested to discuss a child’s progress and welfare.
  6. Ensures their child is appropriately dressed for all activities consistent with the published dress code (PCT has adopted the dress code published by the Plano Independent School District).
  7. Bring to the attention of PC authorities any learning problem or condition that may relate to their child’s education.
  8. Maintains up-to-date home, work and emergency telephone numbers and other pertinent information at the theatre.
  9. Submits a signed statement that they understand and consent to the responsibilities for a given production or activity when provided.
  10. Be supportive of theatre activities, set-build requirements, show-support functions and other activites and willingly supports and volunteer to assist as requested;
  11. Ensure their own language, to their own children and others, is supportive, nurturing and age appropriate and of a positive nature. Swearing, yelling, or humiliation are not acceptable disciplinary techniques here.
  12. Personal, verbal, non-verbal, physical or sexual harassment between child to child, child to adult, or adult to adult will not be tolerated.
  13. Will follow the direction and guidance of volunteers or others selected and empowered by the Director to assist in specific responsibilities to produce a given production.
  14. The use of any video or audio recording device of any kind during the auditions, rehearsals, or performances, or the preparation for any of the same without the express consent of the theatre is prohibited.
  15.  Should a child or an adult displays inappropriate behavior, Directors will abide by the Three Strike Rule (except for extreme violations as determined solely by the Director): Students will first be given a verbal warning by the Director. A second incident will cause a verbal warning, and parent/guardian will be contacted. A third incident may result in dismissal from the class, show or rehearsal. If the behavior is severe, participation in future shows may be prohibited.
  16. The parent or guardian assumes full responsibility for any act or omission of your child or children during any audition, rehearsal or performance-related activity. Parents agree to pay for any loss including all costs of defending Plano Children’s Theatre/McKinney Youth Theatre and Fun House Theatre and Film, its officers and agents, against everything and anything the child does that may cause injury, loss, destruction, or liability. By agreeing to perform in a PCT production, permission is granted for this student photos, interviews, and/or recorded on video or other electronic media and PCT is authorized to use this student’s name, likeness, voice, and performance to publicize or promote PCT.
  17. Understands the Director is in charge of the production. The Director is accountable for the ultimate outcome of the production so he or she has to own the creative process and that the Director owns the final creative, artistic and casting decisions. Parents may not influence or attempt to influence a Directors casting, role or line assignment, or other show-related decision.
  18. The Director may excuse any participant or parent from observing rehearsals.
  19. Understand the Tuition and Ticketing policy and will keep accounts current and achieve ticket expectations and understands students do not “take the stage” with unpaid balances.

If at any time a parent or guardian sees anything they believe is inappropriate, they will promptly make the Director or PCT Staff aware of the situation.