We strive each day to develop the character of youth through quality performing arts education and family entertainment.  We work to teach our Ten Characters both on and off the stage and to deliver the very best possible learning experience for our students.  To make that possible, we require the adoption by Parents, Patrons and Guardians to this Code of Conduct:

Our Parents, Patrons and Guardians will:

  • Ensure their student follows the Rules of Conduct adopted by the North Texas Performing Arts.
  • Ensure their student attends scheduled program activities regularly and shows up on time with all necessary materials and is prepared to complete the expected activities.
  • Encourage their student to work at home to learn materials and is ready to perform.
  • Ensure the off-stage conduct of their student is conducive to a proper learning environment;
  • Willingly participate in Director discussions to to review a student’s progress and welfare.
  • Ensures their student is appropriately dressed for all activities consistent with the published dress code.
  • Bring to the attention of NTPA Management conditions that may adversely affect their student’s learning experience.
  • Maintain communication with NTPA as needed. Parents are responsible for providing a means by which to receive communication concerning productions and classes and should maintain home, work and emergency contact information.
  • Be supportive of theatre activities, set-build requirements, show-support functions and other activities and willingly supports and volunteers to assist as requested.
  • Ensure their language to their own student and others is supportive, constructive, and age appropriate and of a positive nature. Swearing, yelling, and humiliation are not acceptable disciplinary techniques within the NTPA.
  • Avoid any personal, verbal, non-verbal, physical or sexual harassment between student-to-student, student-to-adult, or adult-to-adult.
  • Will follow the direction and guidance of Directors, volunteers or others selected and empowered by the Director to assist in specific responsibilities to produce a given production.
  • Understand that the public electronic distribution or livestreaming of any video or audio recording of any activity is not permitted, and any recording must conform to the production’s associated licensing rights.
  • The parent assumes full responsibility for any act or omission of their student during any NTPA activity.
  • The Parent agrees and understands that the Director is in charge of the production. The Director is accountable for the educational and production outcome and is solely responsible for the creative and artistic process.  Concerns with a Director’s actions or efforts should be addressed to the theatre’s Managing Director.
  • Parents may not influence or attempt to influence, challenge or question a Director’s casting, role or line assignment, or other show-related decision.
  • Parents may not ask or encourage any Board Member to violate their Board Code of Conduct, by requesting a Board Member take action on their behalf to influence or attempt to influence, challenge or question a Director’s casting, role or line assignment, or other show-related decision.
  • Understand and agree that the Director may excuse any individual from observing rehearsals.
  • Understand and agree to the Tuition and Ticketing policy and will keep accounts current and acknowledges students with past-due balances will not be permitted to take the stage for rehearsals or performances.
  • A parent may not own or operate a youth theatre organization offering services similar to NTPA.

If at any time a parent or guardian observes actions or activities from students, NTPA staff or other parents, that they believe is inappropriate, they will promptly make the Managing Director aware of the situation.

I acknowledge that my violation of the above could result in my child’s termination from a show or activity and the revocation of all privileges with the North Texas Performing Arts and that any fees paid may not be refunded.