What are QR tickets?

These are digital tickets that are sent to you via email when you purchase a ticket to a show. On our new website, you will receive a confirmation email every time you purchase a ticket. Then in a separate email, you will receive your QR tickets.

Why is NTPA using QR tickets?

This system allows us to keep an accurate count of how many tickets we have sold to each show which allows us to fill each and every seat without fear of overselling. It also allows us to get your tickets to you faster. In most cases, you will receive your tickets within minutes of ordering them.

How do I use QR tickets?

You can either show us the QR tickets on your mobile device or print them out and bring them to the show.

I bought tickets for all of my family members. How do I get the QR tickets to everyone?

All of your tickets will come in one email, and each QR code can only be scanned once at check in. If you are distributing tickets to multiple family members or friends, you may want to print out the tickets, and give one QR ticket to each person attending. You can also forward the email you receive and let them know which ticket belongs to them or screenshot the individual ticket on your phone or computer and email or text the QR ticket to them.

If you decide to exchange tickets with another parent, you can also exchange them using any of the above methods.

What if I don’t get a QR ticket in my email?

Check your spam folder. If you have not received your ticket within 1 business day, you may call the office, and we can resend your ticket email.

What if I don’t have my QR ticket at the event?

Don’t worry. If you forget to bring your QR ticket with you, or can’t find it in your email, we can always check you in via computer using either the name used to purchase the tickets or your order number.

Do I have an assigned seat with my QR ticket?

No. All of our shows are still general admission. But, our new system allows us the possibility of adding assigned seating in the future!

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