Staff Code of Conduct

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We strive every day to fulfill the NTPA Mission to develop the character of our students through quality arts education and family entertainment. We will work to focus on our student’s development of the NTPA 10 Characters both on and off the stage and agree that the student’s educational experience is paramount. We agree to abide by and fully adhere to this Code of Conduct and understand that my doing so is a condition of employment.

Our Directors, Teachers and Staff will

  1. Strive to create a cheerful, positive and constructive learning environment for all our students.
  2. Create and deliver a formal and well planned class plan for every class with a program delivery plan and expected outcomes;
  3. Come to every class or event on-time and prepared to perform my directing duties with appropriate preparation, assignments and resources.
  4. Maintain an orderly atmosphere conducive to learning. Establish rapport and an effective working relationship with students and other staff members.  I will maintain appropriate professional educator-student relationships and boundaries based on a reasonably prudent educator standard.
  5. Report to the appropriate authorities incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect, as required by law.
  6. Serve as an appropriate role model to our students in accordance with the standards of the acting and the teaching profession;
  7. Enforce the NTPA Dress Code and abide by that same dress code personally and dress and groom professionally and appropriately for NTPA activities and events. I recognize that I serve as a role model, and I will conduct myself in the highest of integrity and professional standards.
  8. Make decisions on casting, performer direction and artistic creativity without influence of parents or Board Members and acknowledge such decisions are subject to review by the theatre Managing Director. I will not permit language or actions onstage in violation with NTPA standards.
  9. Engage volunteers to the extent possible to fulfill my vision of the production to help with costumes, playbills, set build, sound, lights, and costumes.
  10. Make every effort to avoid any real or perceived favoritism or preference for particular students or volunteers and will focus on activities and make decisions that deliver the greatest educational and entertainment experience. I understand and agree that it is not permissible for me or any Director to give special treatment or advantages to students taking private lessons, and I will make every effort to avoid even the appearance of such advantage.
  11. Conduct all stage direction in a supportive and age appropriate manner. Swearing at and/or humiliation of actors is not tolerated. Disciplinary tone and actions will always be of a constructive manner.  I will oversee interactions to ensure that personal, verbal, non-verbal and physical interaction is age appropriate and free of sexual or other harassment. I will not engage in, facilitate or promote the illegal use or distribution any controlled substances including alcohol, prescription drugs and toxic inhalants and not consume alcoholic beverages during compensated hours except for authorized special events.
  12. Neither accept nor offer gratuities, gifts, or favors that impair professional judgment or to obtain special advantage. This standard shall not restrict the acceptance of gifts or tokens of value less than $50 offered and accepted openly from students, parents of students, or other persons or organizations in recognition or appreciation of service (does not apply to full cast gifts).
  13. Report interpersonal disputes between students to parents, though will not become entangled in those disputes.
  14. Not exclude a student from participation in a program, deny benefits to a student, or grant an advantage to a student on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, national origin, religion, family status, or sexual orientation.
  15. Refrain from inappropriate communication with a student or minor, including, but not limited to, electronic communication such as cell phone, text messaging, email, instant messaging, blogging, or other social network communication. I will conduct such communications in a non-social nature and confined to that communication necessary to facilitate or promote an NTPA sanctioned activity unless the relationship extends outside NTPA and communication is expressly permitted by the minor’s parent(s).  Any and all public or private electronic or otherwise communications that might be visible to our students must be done in a professional and positive manner.
  16. Not transport any student in any vehicle without the express written permission of the parent.
  17. Not individually or in association with any other individual, party or entity that offers or intends to offer services of a similar nature in part or entirely to those offered by the North Texas Performing Arts, solicit students or parents or accept students or provide services to any students or parents that participated in NTPA programs within twenty miles of an NTPA location within twelve months of NTPA employment or contractual service.
  18. Manage my schedule to be available at all program classes or rehearsals, and find suitable substitutes well in advance of a missed event which in no case shall be more than two rehearsals per production unless pre-approved by Managing Director.
  19. Follow the NTPA Policies and Procedures, and work to ensure our Parents, Students, and Board members adhere to their respective Code of Conduct and appropriately report abuses or violations to the Managing Director.