We strive every day to build character in our students, both on and off the stage, and want to deliver the very best experience for our students and young performers.
We have high expectations of our professional Directors and Staff and they have agreed to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Our Directors, Teachers and Staff will

  1. Strive to create a cheerful, positive and constructive learning environment for our students and their parents;
  2. Create and deliver on a formal game plan for every class with a program delivery plan and expected outcomes;
  3. Come to every class or event on-time and prepared to perform their directing duties with appropriate preparation, assignments and resources.
  4. Maintain an orderly atmosphere conducive to learning.
  5. Establish rapport and an effective working relationship with parents, students and other staff members.
  6. Report to the appropriate authorities incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect, as required by law.
  7. Serve as appropriate role models for their students in accordance with the standards of the acting and the teaching profession.
  8. Enforce the Plano Children’s Theatre Dress Code as defined by the Plano Independent School District and abide by that same dress code personally.
  9. Recognize that they may serve as role models, and conduct themselves in the highest of integrity and professional standards,
  10. Make decisions on casting, performer direction and other production issues objectively and without influence from parents, other staff members or Members of the Board of Directors. Directors must operate within the bounds of our stated values and conform to the ratings system assigned to the show. Ultimately, the Executive Director is responsible for ensuring show content is expressed within those bounds, and is empowered by the Board to enforce those values. Should a Director feel they are being overly stifled in their creativity, they may appeal to the Board of Directors. This position was adopted without objection by the Board.
  11. Conduct all direction in a supportive and age appropriate manner. Swearing, yelling or aggressive direction is not tolerated. Disciplinary tone and actions will always be of a positive nature and the use of humiliation is never an acceptable disciplinary technique.
  12. Oversee interactions to ensure that personal, verbal, non-verbal, physical or sexual harassment between child to child, child to adult, or adult to adult is not to be tolerated.
  13. Report interpersonal disputes between students to parents, though will not become entangled in those disputes.
  14. Never Discriminate: Discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or on any other basis prohibited by law, is never allowed.
  15. Manage their schedule to be available at all program classes or rehearsals, and find suitable substitutes well in advance of a missed event which in no case shall be more than one rehearsal in a show.
  16. Agree to follow the documented Policies and Procedures of the Plano Children’s Theatre.