We strive each day to develop the character of youth through quality performing arts education and family entertainment.  We work to teach our Ten Characters both on and off the stage and to deliver the very best possible learning experience for our students.

Our Students and Performers will abide by these terms:

  • We expect our Students to portray at all times the very best of our Ten Characters. The Ten Characters of the North Texas Performing Arts are as follows:
  1. Teamwork: Be a team player. Everyone has an important role to play, and every role, large and small, is critical to the team’s success.
  2. Leadership: Be a role model for others on and off the stage and lead others to do and be better.
  3. Responsibility: Be accountable for your actions, for delivering on your commitments, and be willing to admit it when things go badly.
  4. Respect: Show respect for others and their gifts. Respect for teachers, parents, and one another, and celebrate our differences.
  5. Confidence: Believe in yourself and your abilities, and communicate like a winner.  Know you have a gift to share.
  6. Integrity: Be honest, trustworthy, trust and be trusted, and demonstrate strong moral principles.
  7. Discipline: Stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish, and show obedience to those trying to instruct and guide.
  8. Creativity: Think “outside the box”, be willing to take risks and explore. Be inspired to imagine all possibilities and open to new ideas.
  9. Positive Attitude: Be positive about a wonderful future, and pass along to others your bright outlook.
  10. Love one another: Show kindness and patience, and be inclusive and accepting of others and build lasting relationships.
  • Show respect for others: Our students will respect the rights and feelings of the other participants. Fighting, bullying, name calling, intimidation, bigotry of any kind, inappropriate language or any other form of emotional or physical abuse or unwanted contact directed at one another, Directors, Staff or Volunteers will not be tolerated, both in and out of the theatre, or in digital media.
  • Maintain a Professional Focus: Our students are expected to pay attention to and follow the guidance of the Directors so that they can get the most out of their time here.  Disruptive, distracting or problematic behavior that affects this learning environment will not be tolerated.  Students may not use cell phones or electronic games during instructional periods, rehearsals, or performances. Cell phones must remain off during these periods.  Our students are expected to maintain a professional focus if referring to PCT in digital media.
  • Respect our Theatre: Participants will respect the theatre facilities, costumes, props, sets, and all other playhouse property including the property of other participants. They will pick up after themselves and work to keep the theatre and class rooms clean.
  • Not handle Dangerous Items: Our students never carry or wield any potentially dangerous weapons, tools or equipment while on NTPA premises without proper permission.
  • Drugs & Alcohol: Our students are not permitted to have in their possession or use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco on NTPA premises or at NTPA sanctioned events and their use is always discouraged.
  • Not Engage in Public Displays of Affection: Our participants will not engage in inappropriate public displays of affection.  Our students and performers are expected to act as professionals on and off the stage, and no unprofessional or suggestive conduct will be tolerated.
  • Always Be On Time: Our participants show up to rehearsals, classes and shows on-time and ready to work with all necessary props, costumes, notes or scripts.
  • Not Leave Unless Dismissed: Our Students will not leave NTPA premises during any activity unless excused by the Director.  Students will not leave NTPA premises without their parent and it is the students responsibility to follow this rule.
  • Respectful and Positive Social Media Interaction: Our participants will not engage in social media communications that are of a critical, negative or bullying nature of fellow cast members, NTPA or its Directors or volunteers, and will refrain from posting video or audio content that violates NTPA licensing rights.
  • Dress according to the Plano Children’s Theatre Dress Code. NTPA has adopted a variant of the dress code which outlines the following guidance for acceptable dress except where otherwise guided by the Director for a show’s costume or for specific program activity (dance classes, etc) or as determined by the Managing Director or as delegated to the Director in a manner consistent manner with respect to community standards and age appropriateness: Shoes must be worn at all times.  Students may wear shorts but must be loose-fitting; no biking shorts, cutoffs, boxer shorts or combination thereof, Must be hemmed or cuffed, Length must be to the fingertips or longer.  Dresses or skirts must be longer than fingertips.  Tanks tops with straps less than “two fingers”, tube tops, halter type blouses or mesh shirts will not be permitted.  Sun dresses will be permitted if modestly cut. Shirts should overlap the waistband of skirts, shorts, or pants.  Items with provocative, offensive, violent, or alcohol, tobacco or drug-related pictures, slogans or references will not be permitted. No sagging pants or shorts.  No gang paraphernalia.  No visible pierced jewelry other than earrings.  All students are expected to meet community standards and school policies with regard to health, cleanliness and appearance.
  • Never Discriminate: Discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or on any other basis prohibited by law, is never allowed.
  • Abide by the Three Strike Rule:  Students breaking any of the code of conduct rules may be subject to the following disciplinary actions:  In the first instance, the student will be given a verbal warning by the Director; in the second instance the student will be given a verbal warning, dismissed temporarily from participation and the parent notified.  In the third instance, the student may be dismissed permanently from the activity.  Directors with guidance of the Managing Director, may dismiss a Student from a show or activity and all NTPA privileges revoked without completing the Three Strike Rule process.
  • Any student who believes that he or she has observed or has experienced prohibited behaviors should report these immediately to an instructor or Director.

I acknowledge that violation of the above could result in my termination from a show or activity and the revocation of all privileges with the North Texas Performing Arts and tuitions paid may not be refunded.