The “Educate Pillar” of the NTPA Academy’s offering supports a student in satisfying the State of Texas standards for recognized high school graduation. The Core Flex enables a student to pursue their independent academic study in a safe and flexible learning environment. Our “Core Academic Coach” will promote and encourage academic success and focus in a positive and supportive manner, and (to the extent allowed by the parent or guardian), will monitor a student’s progress and productivity.

The Core Flex and Core Academic Coach are available each day between the hours of 8:00am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Individual student hours are flexible and solely determined by the family, enabling a student to pursue professional and other pursuits as their schedule requires.

Core Flexible Learning Environment

The Core Flex itself offers a casual work-living environment, enabling a student to study in a manner most suitable to their needs including:

  • Always-Onsite “Core Academic Coach” to provide guidance, support and ensure proper breaks, exercise and attention throughout the study day.
  • A variety of seating/learning environments to accommodate a student’s comfortable learning style be it sitting at a more formal learning desk or working at a study table, a bean bag or gamer-chair.
  • Access to high-speed internet.
  • An entire food court with dozens of lunch and snack menus and hundreds of choices.
  • Regular “Fast-Fun Brain-Breaks” throughout the day for a quick “recharge” to enable a refreshed return to studies.
  • Coach-led morning and afternoon “stretch breaks” to promote good health and wellness.
  • Regular feedback to the parent of a student’s progress, activities, and efforts.

Core Curriculum

NTPA does not endorse or require a specific course of study, though our Core Academic Coaches are familiar with and can provide active support to several most popular core curriculum programs. Families choosing other courses of study will enjoy a supportive environment, oversight and safety.

While the Core Academic Coach and Core Flex will support and monitor the student’s efforts, ultimately the student and his or her parents are responsible for their own academic success and NTPA does not assume responsibility to instruct or tutor the student in core academics.

Students under age eleven (11) are not eligible to participate in the Core Flexible Learning Environment.

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