The Video and Film Certification builds upon the foundational Theatre Certification and this coursework below is in addition to those requirements.  Except where specific perquisites are noted, courses may be taken in any order.


Requirements to be eligible of recognition with a North Texas Performing Arts Video and Film Theatre Certification are as follows:

  • Film and Video Production
  • Film and Commercial
  • Write Your Own Screenplay
  • Digital Video Editing
  • History of the Cinema
  • Acting for Video & Film
  • Combat and Special Effects in Video & Film
  • Cinematography, Lighting and Sound Production
  • Experiential Requirements:
    • Creation of two short video works approved by Academy faculty.
    • Creation of a short advertising message or equivalent, pre-approved by Academic faculty

Except where specific perquisites are noted, courses may be taken in any order.  Each class is a full-semester of study, usually fifty to seventy-five minutes per session, two times per week.  Other schedules may be offered from time to time.  Courses may not be offered each semester.

All Internships and production qualifications must be approved in advance and qualified programs must be NTPA theatre productions.

The classes required for this certification may be changed and upgraded as recommended by the NTPA Academy Board of Directors and approved by the Governing Board of Directors.  Classes may be offered during regular Academy hours, at night or weekends.  All students that are approved for a course of study toward a Certification are considered “Conservatory Students” and are not required to be full or part-time Academy students or participate in the Core Flex or Conservatory Production in order to complete their Certification.

Individual classes may be “tested out” or waived in lieu of performance or other experience or study at the sole discretion of the NTPA faculty.