Academy Tuition and Fees

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The North Texas Performing Arts Academy is a not-for-profit institution with a goal to provide a high-quality educational experience for its students.  To maintain high academic and performance standards, NTPA charges competitive tuition rates with minimal “other fees” on a Full-time, Part-Time and cafeteria-style basis to accommodate an individual student’s goals and needs.

Representative fees for a full semester payable over a 6-month period can range as follows:

  • Full-Time Students (Monday-Friday, 8:00AM to 5:30PM) students participate in four classes, the Conservatory Production and the Core Café for as little as $549/per month.
  • Part-Time students (three full days per week) participate in two classes, the Conservatory Production and the Core Café for as little as $349 per month.
  • NTPA Major Production and Conservatory Performances for as little as $59/month. This does not include additional costs that may be anticipated for performance admission tickets, costumes and other materials.
  • Individual classes for as little as $59/month.
  • Private lessons are offered in a wide range of interests at an additional fee.

Discounts will be made available to multiple students in a family, multiple semester payment plans, additional productions and activities, and full-semester pre-pays.

Fall 2018 Academy students will be provided a guaranteed tuition rate and protection from future increases (beyond a nominal maximum) while their students are in the NTPA Academy.

The student is responsible for tuition fees, instructional materials, computer or other equipment required to participate in the core basic academic educational plan they choose to pursue.

NTPA Scholarships

Scholarships will be made available on a limited basis for tuition reductions in special situations.  Interested families should consult their Faculty advisor.