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What’s NTPA Spotlight?

The NTPA Spotlight is the very first NTPA show choir, with a variety of repertoire including Holiday Classics, Musical Theatre, and Pop! The group consists of students in grades 6-12 who represent NTPA in the community with performances across DFW for local events. Spotlight performances include a variety of group numbers, solos, duets, and [...]

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The NTPA Starcatchers: A Therapeutic Arts Program for Special Needs

by Gabby Banzon Everybody loves the performing arts; participating in it, listening to it, watching it. It brings the audience feelings of joy, sorrow, and awe. It brings the performers senses of belonging, accomplishment, and autonomy. North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA) creates a space for this to happen every single day for families across [...]

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All About NTPA – Dance!

Are you someone who loves to bust a move? Are you looking to learn how to dance? Do you want to focus on a specific dance style or simply work on your technique? Well, NTPA - DANCE is for YOU! North Texas Performing Arts is proud to announce a FULL CURRICULUM of dance classes [...]

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What is the NTPA Academy?

The NTPA Academy is an excellent example of one of North Texas Performing Art's time honored values & characters - creativity.  Leaders, parents, students and staff bonded together to think outside the box; to take a risk and bring to life this amazing concept of providing a unique and supportive educational opportunity to youth [...]

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Introducing UpSTARt!

NTPA is thrilled to announce UpSTARt, a series of free monthly workshops that will soon replace our P.A.G.E. (Performing Arts Growth Essentials) classes. The purpose of the UpSTARt workshops is to educate new students and parents on the expectations for involvement in a major production at NTPA. Each two-hour workshop will be taught by [...]

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