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Audition FAQs for Parents

How do I help my child choose appropriate material for their audition? Students who are new to theatre and/or NTPA are highly encouraged to take the Intro to Acting and/or the free UpSTARt Workshop. These courses focus on performance basics, and include help with audition prep.  Students auditioning for musicals are highly encouraged to listen [...]

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Audition Tips for Students

Always arrive early Arriving early gives you the best chance to be calm and centered while also allowing you to scope out the scene and get to see what is required. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and find parking. Dress Pay attention to what you wear. We recommend clothes you can move [...]

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Choosing a Great Audition Monologue

By Bethany Bourland Actors usually love performing scenes with other people. When it comes to performing monologues for auditions, though, we usually feel like this: But here is the deal: as an actor, you must master the audition, because it is part of the game! So here are some tips for selecting your monologue: [...]

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Acting Terms You Should Know

By Charlotte Forcht If you are participating in a full-length theatrical production for the first time, the process can seem intimidating. One crucial part of joining any community is learning their language. Familiarizing yourself with certain acting terms and phrases will help you feel less like an outsider and will make the whole experience [...]

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