Our STARters classes focus on introducing preschool children to the performing arts while learning valuable life skills that will carry them into their school age years and beyond. With two core classes, children can explore creativity, which is an intrinsic part of human nature. We learn, imitate, change, and adapt from and to the world around us. The arts afford opportunities to use that creativity and apply it to other areas of life, such as cognitive, social, emotional, senses, and motor movement.

Please note: all children should be potty trained to stay without a parent present.

Check back for our Fall 2019 sessions!

Explore Theatre

This class will explore music, dance and theatre. The students will explore all three areas of music, dance and theatre divided into 20 minute sections to keep the most active student engaged. By using their face, voice, body and imagination they will begin to discover the magic of the stage.

8 weeks – $120.00

Music and Make Believe

Students will develop an appreciation for reading different story books and engage in acting out the story with fellow class mates. The teacher will guide them through various movement activities to allow the greatest imaginations to come to life.  Students will explore music and engage in creative expression through singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

8 weeks – $120.00