Please note: Current phone support hours (972-422-2575) are weekdays 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. Phone calls will be answered during this time by an NTPA staff member. Outside of that time, patrons are invited to email or call and leave a message, which will be answered by a staff member as soon as possible.

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Rehearsal/Classroom Safety Protocols
Performance Safety Protocols
Academy Safety Protocol

The NTPA team has been working around the clock to create a plan that allows us to deliver on our mission to develop the character of youth through a quality performing arts education and family entertainment, and give our students the opportunity to have their voice heard on stage while keeping them safe. 

We’ve consulted with the local medical community, officials with the local health departments and city government, and within the guidelines of the Center for Disease control.  The plan we are announcing goes above and beyond Federal, State, and local mandates to ensure the safety and well-being of the NTPA family.

Show Patron Guidelines

  • Tickets may be exchanged for different performance dates and times.
  • Standard ticket pricing and all normal minimum ticket purchase requirements and complimentary ticket rules apply.
  • To accommodate patrons that might not be able to attend performances but still want to show their support to their favorite Actors, we will be reducing all Playbill “Applause Ads” by 50% during this period to allow loved ones to provide their messages of support for their favorite actors to appear in the show’s playbill. Please note that the two-week order lead-time before opening night will remain unchanged. For more information, go to:
  • View full performance safety protocol at:

Cast and Crew Guidelines

Includes the guidance to Show Patrons plus:

  • Set build budgets will be frozen, and sets shall be limited to use of existing materials and props.


For the safety of our staff and our students, we will be following these practices for safe audition management:

  • All auditions until further notice will be conducted via video submission or on a limited basis, live through Zoom or Facetime.
  • Participants will be asked to record their auditions on Youtube and submit their link via their Google Form Application by the respective show’s submission deadline.
  • The requirement for a “second chair” for casting directors will be suspended.
  • Callback instructions will be sent out within 48 hours of the submission deadline.


We will be following the these practices for safe rehearsal management:

  • Rehearsals will be held via Zoom whenever possible and participants will receive instructions for access.
  • Each individual show will receive an updated rehearsal schedule and instructions from their respective NTPA director via google classroom.
  • In-person rehearsals may be scheduled on an as-needed basis and limited in number and capacity based on current safety protocol. All participants must participate in a health check, wear a mask at all times, and maintain safe social distance at all times.
  • Rehearsals will be conducted online unless it is determined by the Director and Theatre Managing Director that in order to accomplish a specific rehearsal objective participants must participate-in person.
  • View full safety protocols for in-person rehearsals at

NTPA Academy Classes

  • Classes will be held online via Zoom or in-person according to current safety protocol.
  • All in-person participants must participate in a health check, wear a mask at all times, and maintain safe social distance at all times.
  • Instructions and all individual class communications will be conducted via Google Classroom.
  • View full Academy safety protocol at:

Other Programming Changes

  • All “Free” programming (acting classes, remote site classes, upSTARt Audition Workshops, etc.) will be postponed until further notice.
  • We will offer private lessons though Zoom and in-person and leave it to parents and instructors to agree upon the best scheduling plan. We will not be altering our 24 hour cancellation notice policy, so if a student/parent wishes to make a change, we ask that you do so in time to avoid those charges. All in-person lessons must follow current safety guidelines including but not limited to participating in a health check, wearing a mask at all times, and maintaining safe social distance at all times.

Updated information from the CDC on Coronavirus in the United States can be found at: The most recent information about Coronavirus in Texas may be found at: Information from the World Health Organization may be found at:

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