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Registration Fee – $40/student

Class Fee – $75/class/month

Spring Recital Fee – $90/student (due in late fall)

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North Texas Performing Arts – Dance is dedicated to providing continuous dance instruction from pre-school through high school. Our goal is to instill a love an appreciation for the arts in a creative and non-competitive environment.

Aspiring performers learn the fundamentals of dance by a diverse faculty of entertainment professionals. Whether you are a future Hip Hop star or an experienced dancer looking to hone your skills, NTPA – DANCE is for you.

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NTPA – Dallas

12300 Inwood Rd. #112, Dallas, TX 75244

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4:30 PM Hip Hop (age 6-10)
5:30 PM Musical Theatre (age 10-18) Hip Hop Int. (age 10-18) Tap Int./Adv. (age 10-18) Musical Theatre (age 6-10)

NTPA – Frisco

6500 Preston Road, Suite 101, Frisco, TX 75034

Monday Tuesday
4:30 PM Creative Movement (age 3-5)
Hip Hop (age 6-10)
5:30 PM Jazz (age 6-10)
6:30 PM
7:30 PM Musical Theatre (age 6-10)

Our Classes

Note: Advanced classes may require instructor approval.

Young dance student doing standing splits at NTPA Dance

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Creative Movement

Designed to develop your child’s movement and classroom skills through creative play, music and dance. Our curriculum teaches children classroom behavior and to become independent, well adjusted students.

Dress code: Any color leotard/tights or form fitting dance attire & Ballet Shoes.

Ballet Tap Jazz Theatre (BTJT)

Exposes children to different genres of dance. With a primary focus on ballet, dancers will also learn tap and jazz. The class is designed to help dancers with movement, balance and coordination.

Dress code: Any color leotard/tights or form fitting dance attire & Ballet/Tap Shoes.


It is the foundation of all dance. A basic class that introduces the student to the elementary positions of classical ballet. Classes are slow and thorough to ensure proper alignment and understanding. This class will also focus on core strengthening, stretching and flexibility.

Students are highly encouraged to study ballet first or along with other dance forms.

Dress code: Black leotard, pink tights, pink Ballet Shoes. Hair should be in a Ballet bun.


A form of dance that is energetic and fun but also focuses on technique and requires a background in ballet. Dancers will work on flexibility, turns, kicks, and jumps as well as combinations throughout the year. Advanced classes have more stylized and intricate choreography.

Dress code: Any form fitting dance clothes and tan Jazz Shoes.

Hip Hop

This class teaches a more structured form of street dance often found in music videos that is appropriate for young dancers. It is designed to teach coordination, strength, agility and endurance. Classes will focus on learning popular techniques as well as dance combinations and choreography.

Dress code: Any form fitting dance attire and tennis shoes.


Tap is the art of creating rhythms and sounds by using precise patterns of foot movement. Tappers develop outstanding coordination, musicality, and rhythm as they progress from basic to more intricate and complex patterns.

Dress code: Any form fitting dance clothes and black Tap Shoes.

Improv Choreography

The process of spontaneously creating movement. Development of improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations including body mapping through levels, shape and dynamics schema. Dance improvisation is not only about creating new movement but is also defined as freeing the body from habitual movement patterns.

Musical Theatre Dance

Students will explore various styles of dance used in musical theatre such as jazz, ballet, and modern dance. Emphasis will be placed upon the use of proper dance technique and performance in telling a story through dance, movement and facial expression.

Dress code: Any form fitting dance clothes and tan Jazz Shoes.


Students will explore the contemporary dance style. Contemporary in itself is defined, in part, as a fusion of ballet and jazz, demanding technical skill, musicality and an expression of emotion. A solid, ballet-based technique, proper placement and bodily alignment are essential components.

Dress code: Form fitting dance attire and socks or barefoot.

Modern Dance

Students will embrace the form of modern dance that is expressive in nature through emotions, inspiration from the world around us and is not bound by technique or ballet.

Dress code: Form fitting dance attire and socks or barefoot.

Dance Audition Technique

In this class students will learn how to stand out in a dance audition through technical training, style preparation, and mock auditions to ensure they are equipped with knowledge and endurance to have strong dance auditions.
Dress code: Any form fitting dance clothes and tan Jazz Shoes.