By Denver Danyla

The most important part of the audition is the second that you walk in! You have a window to show the director who YOU are and who they would get to work with. Don’t be shy! Theatre is the perfect place for you to be YOU so let us know who YOU are! Be warm, kind and respectful and always say, “Thank you!” any chance you get to the director and anyone there. Sometimes they have seen 30, 40, 70, 90 other kids so now is your chance to stand out!


  • Do Be positive
  • Do Smile
  • Do Say “Thank you”
  • Do Say “yes ma’am,” “no ma’am,” “yes sir,” “no sir”
  • Do Dress to impress
  • Do Have fun
  • Do Be willing to try different things if they ask


  • Don’t Look at the directors when you are doing your pieces (Tip: find a spot on the wall behind them to connect with)
  • Don’t Come in the audition with gym shorts and shirts
  • Don’t Be hard on yourself

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