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Rock Stars

No experience necessary!
The Starcatcher Rock Stars is a performance-based music therapy group designed specifically for developmental/intellectual disabilities. Rock Stars is a unique opportunity for beginners to learn how to play a musical instrument and play in a rock band. Students learn the fundamentals of music and how to work together as a group and will culminate with a rock concert performance. Through the development of music skills in group rehearsals and private adapted lessons, students will also further develop social, communication, motor, and cognitive skills.

They will explore the major rock instruments of keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, auxiliary percussion, and vocals, and will be assigned one of these based on their interest and ability. The instruments and music will be adapted to the individual and group skill level. Students will rehearse both as a group during a weekly class and individually during a weekly private lesson. Weekly half hour private lessons with our highly qualified teachers are mandatory if the student is not already taking lessons elsewhere.

Rock Legends

Legends is our advanced level of Rock Stars, specifically those with at least 2 prior Rock Star classes or a similar experience (per director’s discretion). Students in this class already know the fundamentals of music and have the abilities to cooperate as a group. This will culminate with a dinner concert performance along with the Rock Stars class.

Register for Rock Stars – Mondays 6:00 PM

Register for Rock Legends – Mondays 7:00 PM