The Princess and the Pauper – Grades 1-8

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This stage adaptation of Mark Twain’s comic role-switching tale is written for female leads! Updated to take place in 19th century England, the tale begins when the young and sheltered Princess Victoria meets poor London flower seller Bette Canty. Feeling sorry for Bette, Victoria invites her to the palace and humors herself by giving the poor girl the princess treatment, combing out her tangled hair and dressing her up. But they look so similar in appearance that once they’ve swapped outfits, the palace staff can’t tell them apart, and Victoria is mistakenly ushered out the palace gates. As Victoria bravely faces the streets of London and Bette attempts to pass as a member of the royal family, both girls learn to better appreciate the lives they’ve so long taken for granted, all while racing to put things right before Bette is mistakenly crowned Queen of England.


ADAPTED BY THOMAS HISCHAK. Based on “The Prince and The Pauper” by Mark Twain