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Synopsis: In the magical Kingdom of the Underwater Deep, a beautiful Mermaid Princess longs to become a human being. During a frightful shipwreck a Prince is tossed in the sea and rescued by the Princess. When she sings him a haunting lullaby he falls in love with the girl with the beautiful, musical voice.  The Little Mermaid defies her father the Sea King and makes a pact with Queen Odessa, trading her voice for humanhood. Her friends, Aruba and Finny, are at her side through the adventure providing humor and fun to this children’s musical play of the beloved Hans Christian Andersen story.
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About the Director

Allyson Rogers is a board certified music therapist with a passion for helping others through music making. She graduated summa cum laude from Texas Woman’s University in August 2017 where she received a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy. Allyson completed her clinical internship at Denton Independent School District in June 2017 where she received extensive training in working with varying physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Following completion of the internship, she began working with the Starcatchers program at North Texas Performing Arts teaching adapted voice, guitar, piano, bass and drum lessons to children/adolescents with special needs.

Allyson currently works as a music therapist with Music Therapy Services of Texas in the special education population and Specialized Innovative Therapies as an in-home therapist. She also works as a director and choreographer for North Texas Performing Arts. When she is not working, Allyson enjoys performing her own songs in venues around the Dallas area and spending time with her friends and family.