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9th Annual
Plano AMP Awards
Saturday, February 16
“Wish Upon a Star”

Join us on the red carpet as the paparazzi, glamour and glitter comes out for the 9th Annual 2019 AMP Awards on Saturday, February 16!

NTPA – Plano will be recognizing the outstanding performances of its stars in our own “Oscar’s Night” of celebration, recognition and fun! This special celebration puts the spotlight on our kids that bravely take the stage and recognizes their successes on and off the stage!

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This year featuring the theme “Wish Upon a Star,” the festivities kick-off with live Facebook interviews on the Red Carpet before each act, photo opportunities with our Directors and friends, and much more! After each act, our guests are invited to remain for the after-party celebration in one of our fun-filled venues.

This year’s event features four stages of fun as the entire Willow Bend Center of the Arts will be dedicated to this exciting event! The ceremony will take place in the Rodenbaugh Mainstage Theatre, with a live satellite feed for reduced-price viewing in the Copeland next door, a kids “AMP It Up” DJ and Karaoke Egelston Black Box Bash and an “Adults Only” lounge through the day in the Nieman Marcus Welcome Center!

The North Texas Performing Arts AMP Awards Ceremony has become NTPA’s largest annual fundraiser, and the event will be accompanied by an online auction. The primary objective of the program is to raise funds for operations and capital improvements and to recognize the excellent work of our students on and off the stage.

Acts by Division

To accommodate our patron’s busy schedules, this year’s ceremony and tickets will be available for each division, making four acts of fun! Each act is anticipated to last approximately 75 minutes.

Act and Division Red Carpet Open Ceremony Start Time Targeted End Time
ACT I:  Rising Star Division, Grades K-4 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:15 PM
ACT II:  Junior Division, Grades 5-6 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:45 PM
ACT III:  Intermediate Division, Grades 7-8 4:00 PM 5:00 PM 6:15 PM
ACT IV:  Senior Division, Grades 9-12 5:30 PM 6:30 PM 7:45 PM


To keep tickets costs down for our patrons, we are offering two fun ways to enjoy this year’s AMP Awards:

  1. Live Viewing for Each Act

    Patrons will be able to purchase tickets individually for each Act providing seating in the Rodenbaugh Theatre where the ceremony will take place. These tickets will include a full day party pass bracelet to allow access to each of the other fun venues throughout the day.

    Patrons should be aware that they must purchase a ticket for each act that they want to view live in the Rodenbaugh theatre. An individual ticket is ONLY valid for the Act for which it is purchased.

  2. Full-day Party Pass

    This ticket entitles the patron the opportunity to attend all of the “Party Rooms” and enjoy the program on screens via live electronic feed. This family friendly Full-Day pass allows the wearer of the accompanying bracelet access to the Red Carpet, the Copeland Viewing Theatre, the Neiman Marcus Adult Party Room, and the kids “AMP It Up” DJ and Karaoke Egelston Black Box Bash.

    This full-day pass DOES NOT include access to the Rodenbaugh Theatre where the awards ceremony itself is taking place.

These tickets are available as follows:

Student Early Bird – Age 3-18
(before Jan. 31)
Student Regular – Age 3-18 Adult Early Bird
(before Jan. 31)
Adult Regular
Act I $17 $22 $25 $30
Act II, III, or IV $20 $30 $25 $40
Full Day Party Pass $15 $20

The Awards Ceremony

The 9th Annual Awards Ceremony will take place by division in four separate Acts located in the Rodenbaugh Mainstage Theatre. Each Act will recognize that division’s Outstanding and Runner Up (in most categories) Award Recipients in dozens of categories, culminating in “Outstanding Actor and Actress” and the coveted “NTPA Leadership Award”. The trophies will be awarded by the NTPA Directors, providing an exciting on-stage photo opportunity for each of our recipients (a photographer will be making photos freely available to all participants). Each act also features special performances from the year past and shows about to hit the stage by our students. There will also be short update messages from NTPA Management and Board members during most sessions, as well as exciting announcements about upcoming shows and “year in review” videos, as well as short recognition moments for select volunteers and supporters.

Live Performances During the Show

Each AMP Awards features exciting live acts from the prior year and generally those about to hit the stage. These Acts are selected in advance by the theatre’s Managing Director. Those students participating in the live act performances must purchase a ticket to an individual act (does not have to be the Act in which they are performing) or a full-day Party Pass. Students will need to wait in the dressing room for their performance (and will not have a seat reserved or sit in the Rodenpbaugh Mainstage Theatre unless they have purchased a ticket for the Act in which they are performing).

The Party Rooms

“party rooms” that will offer fun and excitement to our patrons:

  • “AMP It Up” DJ and Karaoke Egelston Black Box BASH

    This high-energy party begins immediately following the first act and continues through the day, ending with the ALL AMPS AFTER PARTY at 10:00PM. This room will feature food and drinks for purchase, a professional DJ and live Karaoke to be available after each Act throughout the day!

  • Copeland Viewing Theatre

    The Copeland Theatre will offer non-reserved seating for a viewing opportunity via live electronic feed from the party going on next door. Patrons can come and go as they please, offering a great opportunity for parents with busy schedule, little children or wanting a break from the live Awards Ceremony. Please advise that this is an open-seating venue and there may not be seats available.

  • Neiman Marcus Adult Party Room

    Exclusively for adults over age 21, this party will feature a more relaxing live video viewing, and favorite snacks and beverages for purchase and donation.

AMP Applause Ads

Your favorite actor has put in scores of hours this year, working onstage and off to perfect their roles and then bravely taking the stage and giving 100%! NTPA Applause Ads are a GREAT way to show your encouragement, support and how much you care!
Make the 2019 AMP Playbill a special memento by placing a special message of your creation! Imagine the pride your favorite actor will feel when they see that “special message” meant just for them!
Our EZ Applause ads are submitted online – simple to purchase, easy to create & submit!
There are FOUR GREAT OPTIONS available to offer any size ad and fit any size budget:
  • $149 – This 8″x 5″ ad provides LOTS of space as a memento for this great show. You can include images, pictures and more to fill up an entire page to memorialize this event.
  • $79 – This 4″x5″ provides plenty of space for a few pictures, a headshot or other image.
  • $49 – This 2.5″x4″ option will allow up to one picture or image to accompany your text.
  • $19 – Applause Notes: This EXCITING NEW OPTION provides a LOW-COST entry point to participate in Applause Ads. This ad is only available in text and limited to no more than forty (40) words.

AMP Awards Selection Process

The Academy of Directors of the North Texas Performing Arts determines the categories and will nominate approximately 20 Performers pre category. The public will vote to assist in narrowing to the finalists. This “popular vote ballot” entitles participants to make a recommendation to the AMP Director’s selection process for our finalists from this list of nominations.

A convention of the AMP Committee of Directors will be called after the final votes are taken and no less than two weeks before the AMP Awards Ceremony. The convention will consist of a minimum of three Directors which may include the Managing Director and agreed to by the Academy of Directors. The AMP Directors will complete an independent balloting. Directors vote on the quality of the performer’s work, their attitude and work ethic, and their behavior both on-stage and off. When there are four or fewer nominees in a category, only a Finalist winner will be designated.

A Trophy is issued to a Finalist and a Runner Up, and all Finalists are given ribbon/medal commemorating their recognition. A performer cannot be awarded more than one trophy in a Finalist or Runner Up position, though a performer can be recognized in the “Outstanding Leadership” category as well as another category.

The ultimate decision of the Finalists, and Outstanding and Runner-Up Award Recipients is at the complete and full discretion of the AMP Academy.

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