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Charming – Willow Bend Center of the Arts

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Thursday, June 11, 7:00pm
Friday, June 12, 7:00pm
Saturday, June 13, 11:00am and 4:00pm
Sunday, June 14, 1:00pm and 4:00pm


Once upon a time, the Wicked Stepmothers’ Association (during one of their brilliant evil plans), tried to get rid of all the frogs, but one frog escaped and became Prince Charming.  To the stepmothers’ dismay, he continuously rescues each of the queen’s six daughters from all the perils that come with being princesses, including the danger of missing their tanning booth appointments!  Furious at this turn of events, the stepmothers want to cast a sleeping spell on the prince.  But to make the magic work, he first must wish he was a frog again.  In a hysterical scene the likes of which your stage has never seen before, the stepmothers devise so many princesses and others who need rescuing that poor Prince Charming feels like he’s in a decathalon!  As if the use of every fairy tale cliché wasn’t funny enough, the surprise ending will have your audiences laughing all the way home!  With plenty of small roles and no role larger than 25 lines, this simple and delightful comic play is perfect for young actors!


Based on Magic Tree House #4: Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne