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Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing – Fairview Youth Theatre

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Thursday, July 9th 715pm
Friday, July 10th 715pm
Saturday, July 11th 215, 715
Sunday, July 12th 115, 615


Shakespeare’s most produced comedy, Much Ado About Nothing is about misunderstandings, love and deception.

Benedick, Claudio and Don Pedro arrive at Leonato’s house in Messina. Beatrice and Benedick bicker with each other and Claudio, a soldier, falls in love with Leonato’s daughter, Hero.

Don John, who is Don Pedro’s evil half-brother, tricks Claudio into believing that he has seen Hero being unfaithful.

Meanwhile, Don Pedro and others plot to bring Benedick and Beatrice together. Claudio accuses Hero of infidelity and refuses to marry her. Leonato is persuaded to pretend that she is dead.

Hero’s innocence is proven and Claudio repents. He agrees to accept Antonio’s daughter in marriage and she turns out to be Hero after all! The trick to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love succeeds and he proposes to her at the end of the play


Written by William Shakespeare