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Simon Says is a hilarious 90’s sitcom filmed in front of a live studio audience about the drama of middle school, the responsibility of family, and the importance of friendship. First day of middle school is off to a great start at Rothenbaum Middle school – until the gaping mouth to the underworld unfurls behind the school bringing actual demon Tylen Satanson to the human realm – along with a multitude of problems. Will Simon have enough time to Full House everyone’s problems before they get Pam Tanner’d?
Join this wacky cast of characters:
Simon James: the protagonist; under-developed, skilled at exposition
Tylen Satanson: Yakko Warner meets Freakazoid, but from the underworld
Jordan Rothenbaum: a late bloomer in a serious relationship with his chat room girlfriend
Devon Yearly: Pastor’s kid. Always watched; always watching.
Gretchen Ridgeback: What lacketh she in brawn, certainly maketh up in thew.
Gaelyn Nizzar O’Poccobara Jones: His lunch sack is full of crushed black radish, thieves oil in pill form, and the tears of his ancestors
Maranatha Sweet: Simon is her only friend because she doesn’t have to worry about him falling in love with her.
Danielle Tristar: Simon’s chat room girlfriend
Lorelle Potholder: Devon’s chat room girlfriend
Michelle Gravytrain: Gaelyn’s chat room girlfriend
XxKitty18xX: Jordan’s chat room girlfriend


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Book, Music and Lyrics by Gregory McKnight.