Space Princess Wars – Fairview Youth Theatre

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Thursday Sept 3rd 6pm
Friday Sept 4th 6pm
Saturday Sept 5th Noon & 4
Sunday Sept 6th Noon, 4pm


It’s a tale as old as a time. A daughter home sick. A concerned father reading her a story to help her feel better, only his story is his ginormous epic screenplay, “SPACE PRINCESS WARS,” which is also a tale as old as time – a kidnapped Space Princess, a simple farmboy seeking to rescue his true love, laser swordfights, gigantic cat monsters, and killer robots. If it all seems a bit familiar, that’s simply because he’s writing an homage to other, older, better movies. A fast-paced, wild adventure comedy with spaceships, singing cats, vicious teddy bears and cyborgs.


By Don Zolidis