Introducing the iAcademy! Launching Summer 2020!

The NTPA – Academy is bringing it’s quality educational experience online providing more youth than ever with a chance to advance their education in the performing arts.

Open to students age 11-18 around the world. Now you can earn a performing arts certification from the acclaimed NTPA – Academy from the comfort of your own home!

Earn a certification this summer with the NTPA iAcademy!

This abbreviated program offers students an opportunity to learn from the best degreed performing arts professionals in Dallas. The curriculum offers a broad and fast-moving performing arts education that will resonate with college admissions and university theatre departments as well as professional casting directors and employers.

Interested in full-time or part-time schooling options? Check out the NTPA Academy Conservatory!

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iAcademy student Garrett Stone attends an online theatre class
Earn a certification that you can put on your college transcripts and resume!
Learn from the best degreed performing arts professionals in Dallas!
Engage in classes from the comfort and safety of your own home.
Get access to classes previously only offered to students in the NTPA – Academy Conservatory.
Abbreviated schedule means you can earn your first certification in just 10 weeks this summer!
No interviews or auditions required! Just sign up for your first class to get started!

Certification Classes

All Certification Classes meet one hour per week for 8 weeks and cover topics critical to any student looking to broaden their performing arts education. These classes will prepare students for a continuing education in theatre through high school and college and teach skills necessary to those looking to continue to a career in the performing arts.

Classes Beginning Week of June 15

  • Jazz Basics – Tuesdays 4 PM
  • Intro to Stage Combat – Wednesdays 5 PM
  • Muscial Review – Wednesdays 11 AM
  • Mastering Voice and Diction – Thursdays 11 AM

Elective Classes

All Elective Classes meet one hour per week for 4 weeks and cover a series of fun and educational topics. These classes allow an iAcademy student to tailor their educational plan to their own interests with classes in dance, auditioning, leadership, and more!

Classes Beginning Week of June 1

  • Leadership Prep – Tuesdays 11 AM
  • Musical Theatre Dance – Thursdays 4 PM

Classes Beginning Week of June 29

  • Musical Theatre Singing – Tuesdays 11 AM
  • Shakespeare Readers Series – Wednesdays 3 PM
  • Theatrical Play w/Literature – Thursdays 12 Noon
  • Contemporary Dance – Thursdays 4 PM

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Certification Type Class Requirement
Assistant Certification 6 Certification Classes
2 Elective Classes
Associate Certification 12 Certification Classes
2 Elective Classes
Master Certification 18 Certification Classes
2 Elective Classes


Class Type Price
Certification Classes $160
Elective Classes $80
Discount for 3 or more classes 20% Off
Cost for Assistant Certification
(6 Certification + 2 Elective)
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Certification Class Descriptions

Intro to Stage Combat

With the ability to develop physical strength through exercise this class will set the stage for an excellent foundation in stage combat. Emphasis will be on safety, control and choreography of all stage combat skills.

Jazz Basics

Students will explore the basics of jazz as they gain strength in body isolations, performance quality musicality and movement memorization. Through foundational exercises, progression movements, and stretching, students will gain the knowledge, strength, and experience they need to progress to more advanced forms of Jazz.

Mastering Voice and Diction

This class is designed to assist students in understanding the basic components of speech and voice. They will explore vocal warm ups, the sounds of words, and articulation skills. Students will be introduced to the International Phonetic Alphabet and explore different dialects.

Muscial Review

Take the adventure into the world of Musical Theatre and enjoy productions such as An American in Paris, Wicked, and Hamilton. Tap into the vocals and dance of musical theatre and see how your skills improve. Students will be challenged to learn detailed choreography at a quick pace in order to better prepare them for an audition setting.

Elective Class Descriptions

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance will explore full-bodied, dynamic choreography set to current popular music. This upbeat class will challenge your musicality, movement memorization, and dynamic range while allowing you to let loose and work up a sweat. We’ll dance to our favorite tunes, strengthen our dancing bodies, and have a good time.

Leadership Prep

In this course, we will be discussing what it truly means to go the extra mile. We will be analyzing positive character traits of successful performers, artists, and entertainment professionals from all different decades. Using NTPA’s 10 Characters as a model, we will be refining traits such as confidence, respect, integrity, and many more. Come join us, as we embark on a journey through developing successful leadership practices.

Musical Theatre Dance

Students will learn the basics of ballet and jazz dance technique to be applied to combinations from iconic dance musicals such as “An American in Paris,” “West Side Story,” and “Newsies.” Prior dance experience not required.

Musical Theatre Singing

Student will learn about the basics of vocal health, how to prepare and choose a strong audition cut, and receive critique from NTPA directors!

Shakespeare Readers Series

After 4 weeks of rehearsal, students will perform will perform a play reading from Shakespeare’s canon. Students will rehearse readings from Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies, histories, and sonnets. Students will dive into the ins-and-outs of character development, text analysis and proper comprehension of Shakespeare text. If you are a Shakespeare fanatic or just curious of the Complete Works, this is the production for you! Students will perform a readers theatre style production in front of a virtual audience.

Theatrical Play w/Literature

Students will join together with a selected children’s book, read the book, and in an hour create a small skit to be performed at the end of the hour. Titles include: Elephant and Piggie, Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, Dr. Seuss, and more!

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