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North Texas Performing Arts Page to Stage series develops literacy through the performing arts by bringing beloved books to life! Children and teachers alike will be delighted by our fully-staged musicals performed by a professional troupe of actors.

Shows are approximately 1hr and perfect for preschool-5th grade.

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Field Trip Shows: Your school comes to our theatre!

Give your students the full theatre experience by taking a field trip to the theatre. Students will see a full production with theatre lighting, sets, and sound. Our performing arts facilities provide raised seating giving every child the perfect view to enriching educational performing arts.

Touring Shows: We come to your school!

Bring the art of theatre straight into your school building! We bring the actors, sets, props and theatre magic to you. Perfect for schools with tight budgets or tight schedules. Shows are flexible and can perform in any space. Approximate run time: 45 minutes.

A Peter Rabbit Tale logo

A Peter Rabbit Tale
Based on the book by Roald Dahl

Field Trip Dates

March 3-7, 2020 performing at Willow Bend Center of the Arts
Showtimes at 10:00 AM daily (12:15 PM shows may be added if 10:00 shows sell out)

Touring Dates

March 10-13


Peter Rabbit doesn’t think life as a rabbit is all it’s cracked up to be in this spirited children’s musical. His mother is always making him do chores, and Peter’s had just about all he can take of his goody two-shoes twin sisters. After being picked on for the last time, Peter decides to run away from home and find a better place to live — somewhere he can be in charge, do whatever he wants, and be free of responsibility. But as Peter struggles to live with other animals, from feisty squirrels to sewing mice, he begins to realize his life at home might not have been so bad after all.

By Sarah Brandt, Music and lyrics by Neal Richardson, Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

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Little Red Riding Hood in the woods with a fox

Red Riding Hood
Based on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale

Field Trip Dates

July 21-25, 2020 performing at Willow Bend Center of the Arts
Showtimes at 10:00 AM daily (12:15 PM shows may be added if 10:00 shows sell out)

Touring Dates

July 28-31


Bridget and Stephen are on a sleepover at their grandmother’s house, but neither of them can sleep. So to pass the time, they decide to act out their favorite story with things found around the attic and clothes from the wardrobe. Soon what’s real and what’s imagined blur, and the children find themselves in the deep dark woods with a wolf tracking them down.

By Mike Kenny, Music and lyrics by Julian Butler, Produced by special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences.

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Field Trip Pricing: For audiences up to 230

  • $7.00/ticket (One free Chaperone ticket with every 12 tickets purchased).

*Discount pricing available for Title 1 Schools

Touring Pricing: For audiences up to 300

  • 1 Performance: $900
  • 2 Performances: $1,350
  • 3 Performances: $1,600

*Additional charges may be added if touring location is more than 15 miles from Willow Bend Center of the Arts (located at The Shops at Willow Bend).

*Subsidized rates/Discounts available based on need and availability of funding. Inquire when booking.

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We are determined to bring the magic of theatre and the love of reading to children from all walks of life. With access to our programming, children in underprivileged communities will be freed from the limits placed on them by poverty. We welcome you to join us in bringing the performing arts to DFW Title 1 schools, inner-city organizations, and family shelters.
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