Introducing the
Willow Bend Center of the Arts
Red Carpet Club Challenge!

Our goal is to raise enough in additional donations to allow us to pay off the Willow Bend Construction Loan Mortgage at the 2019 AMP Awards Ceremony in February 2019!

To help make this happen, we have created the “Red Carpet Club!” This special club will be made up of patrons, parents and volunteers just like you that want to help us achieve this goal!

Red Carpet Club invitation

Exclusive Red Carpet Club Benefits

  • Charter Membership on the Red Carpet Challenge Team
  • Privileged access to the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center
    (on show nights, this facility will continue to be open to the public)
  • Secured access to the “Club Only” wireless internet
  • Free use of our smart phone charging station and power outlets
  • Name on our Neiman Marcus Honor Wall Plaque Honorarium
  • Access to refreshments in Neiman Marcus Welcome Center
  • Special Red Carpet “Non-Spill Cup” welcomed in all Plano theatres
  • “Club Only” updates on progress of our Red Carpet Challenge
  • “Club Only” promotions & discounts and LOTS, LOTS MORE!
  • All proceeds go toward achieving our Red Carpet Challenge

Two ways to become a Red Carpet Member and support the Red Carpet Club Challenge!

  1. Donate $200 and pick up your Red Carpet Club Cup from the Receptionist at the Theatre!
  2. Pick up a “Contribution Tracking Card” from the Receptionist or at the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center donation information table. Purchase an NTPA Red Carpet Club Cup for just $25 to start (includes your first “fill!”), and track your Neiman Marcus Welcome Center donations. When you reach the $200 goal, turn your completed card into Sara Akers for your official Membership Card!
Purchase a Red Carpet Club Membership (includes 1 Red Carpet Cup) – $200
Purchase a Red Carpet Cup – $25

The Neiman Marcus Welcome Center…Where the Benefits Begin

During the hours of 1:00-9:00 PM Monday-Thursday (except when reserved by authorized NTPA personnel or during show nights) the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center will be made available exclusively for the use of our Red Carpet Club Members!

The Red Carpet Club will be open to all patrons until August 1! After that date, access during posted hours will be available only to Club Members!

Similar to the Airline Lounges at the airport, Red Carpet Club Members will be able to enjoy the quiet and comfort of the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center during posted hours. Members can avail themselves of a special “Members Only” private internet service and work areas, enjoy available drinks and snacks (wine by donation and water, soda, coffee and more are available for purchase) and take advantage of recharging stations and power outlets made available exclusively for the use of Red Carpet Club Members.

Red Carpet Members will also have their names featured on our Neiman Marcus Honor Wall Plaque Honorarium!

The Neiman Marcus Red Carpet Club is only available to those 21 and over.

Membership to the Club is available to those donating a minimum of $200 to the Red Carpet Club Challenge.

On show nights, the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center will continue to be open to all our patrons to help themselves to beverages by donation and special show promotional items.

The Red Carpet Club in the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center will be available to all patrons until August 1, and will be restricted to Red Carpet Members after that time.

The Special Red Carpet Club Cup … Priceless

This very special North Texas Performing Arts Red Carpet Club Cup is available to all Red Carpet Club Members and those who have purchased the cup working toward their Membership.

This special cup is a double-wall stainless steel cup with a clear acrylic “sip through lid.” Designed to minimize spills and protect the carpets and seats (generously made possible by generous donations), this is the only beverage cup or bottle that will be allowed in our Theatre One and Rodenbaugh Mainstage Theatres!

So sign up for your Club Membership or buy your cup! Cups are available for purchase at our reception desk. Buy your cup today and bring it to our next show! This is a reusable, hand-washable cup that you can use over and over again!

Red Carpet Club cup

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to raise this money?
It cost over $750,000 to build out the Willow Bend Center of the Arts. We have already raised over two-thirds of this amount and now need to complete the goal so we can retire our construction debt. We want to raise this money via donations to avoid future tuition and ticket price increases.

What is special about this Red Carpet Club Cup?
This special “spill-resistant” cup is the only beverage cup allowed in our Mainstage Theatres to protect our new carpeting and chairs (made possible by generous donations).

What is special about being in the Red Carpet Club?
Red Carpet Club Members that sign up in 2018 receive a long list of great benefits including Charter Membership in the Carpet Challenge Team, “Members Only” access to the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center, secured access to the “Member’s Only” wireless internet, smart phone charging station and much, much more. See more details in our Member Benefits listed above.

Can I combine this with other Member or Sponsorship Offers?
While NTPA may offer incentives in the future, Red Carpet Club donations cannot at this time be combined with other great membership or donor opportunities such as our Honor Wall Stars, Mainstage Chair Sponsorships or Rogue’s Gallery.

How do I track my donations if I don’t pay up-front?
Simply complete a Donation Tracking Card with each donation for beverages or promotional items in the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center and when you have completed the card, submit it to Sara Akers. We are relying on the “honor system” and the high integrity of our members to accurately and honestly track their own contributions.

What if my spouse also wants to be a Club Member?
The great news is that this membership entitles the Club Member and spouse to gain all of the benefits of Club Membership. Club Members wanting a second “theatre-approved” Red Carpet Club Cup must purchase an additional cup.

What if I leave my card or cup at home?
Members can confirm with the receptionist for admittance to the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center during posted hours. Members are always encouraged to purchase multiple Red Carpet Club Cups!

I have to ask … are you really going to charge to use the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center?
We are proud of our new space and greatly appreciate the support and sponsorship of generous organizations like Neiman Marcus. The Neiman Marcus Welcome Center will continue to be open to all patrons during many hours throughout the day and always during show hours for refreshments and other activities.

We hope our patrons will be supportive and understanding of the fundraising challenge we are facing and will see this as a fun way to raise money that offers some great benefits to our patrons, while raising the money critical to retiring our construction debt. Not unlike airlines “Members Clubs” at airports, we are going to great lengths to make this “Member’s Only” lounge a special place with special benefits. After we retire this debt, we may consider other approaches to make this facility more generally available.