About NTPA Rep

North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA) is excited to extend its mission of developing the character of youth through quality performing arts education and family entertainment with our repertory theatre program. The repertory theatre exists to provide a high-quality theatre experience with adult actors in the North Texas area. Additionally, it affords area youth the ability to interact with more experienced actors, and exposure to adult plays and musicals, through a variety of technical and support roles.

NTPA Repertory Theatre kicks off with a season of programming performed at the Cox Building Playhouse in Plano, TX. NTPA enjoys a 25-year legacy that began in Plano with the Plano Children’s Theatre. Likewise, NTPA Community Theatre has found a home within the City of Plano, and has been welcomed with support and enthusiasm. NTPA is excited to continue to build on Plano’s legacy of quality arts and entertainment.

The goal in bringing repertory theatre to Plano is to develop a sustainable program that engages the local community and delivers consistent, high-quality programming. NTPA Repertory Theatre will immediately provide a wider variety of programming to North Texas residents and will continue to refine programming and services to meet the growing demand for quality arts entertainment in the area.

Auditions for NTPA Repertory Theatre are open to the public, and it looks to provide opportunities for local actors and theatre enthusiasts to engage with its programs and support the theatre operations. Partnership with the community is a cornerstone of the program and the vision is to continually grow community engagement.


Cox Building Playhouse
1517 H Ave.
Plano, TX 75074
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