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Were you in high school last year?

If you are currently a 10th Grader or older, you need to make plans to attend the

Tenth Annual 2020 AMP Awards – Senior Division Celebration
Sunday, January 5, 4:30 PM

Part PROM, Part Oscar’s, Part Homecoming!

Make plans now to attend the 10th Annual Senior Division AMP Awards Program where all NTPA troupes will be recognized in a special AMP Awards event just for our Senior Division (last year’s 9th Grade and older)!

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About the Senior Division AMP Awards

The 2020 Senior Division AMP Awards offers a separate and exclusive “Senior Division” Awards Ceremony in a cross-NTPA event. The event will honor students currently in the 10th, 11th, 12th grades or homeschool age-equivalents and those just graduated last May (last year’s high-schoolers).

The Red Carpet Reception opens at 4:30 PM and Seniors can party ’til midnight! This year get “Footloose” with our first ever 80’s-themed dedicated Senior Division AMP Awards! This event coincides with the annual NTPA Alumni Show directed by the incomparable Morgan Southard and NTPA alumni will be invited to present awards and perform at this year’s AMPs!

This exciting event will pull together the Senior Division from across the entire NTPA family of theatres and will be the exclusive event for Senior Division AMP recognition!  There will not be Senior Division recognition at the traditional Plano, Fairview, Frisco or Dallas AMP Awards Ceremonies.

All money raised by the AMP Awards supports the Capital Campaign for North Texas Performing Arts. Your attendance will not only help us celebrate our family of actors, but will allow us to continue growing our program in 2020 and the years to come!

Pre-Event Red Carpet Reception

  • Exclusive reception in the Dillard’s Pavilion (outside Dillards entrance, First Floor, Shops at Willow Bend)
  • Photo-opps with your friends and favorite directors
  • Hot cars for that perfect red carpet photo
  • Faux champagne toast to our nominees
  • Free food and non-alcoholic drinks for ticket-holders (other drinks available for a charge)
  • Ends with a red carpet walk to the Rodenbaugh Theatre

Awards Event

  • Two big acts with an intermission!
  • Awards for individual theatres AND Cross-NTPA Awards in some categories (We WILL be awarding an Outstanding NTPA Actor and Actress!)
  • Actors will be nominated for performances between January 1-December 13, 2019.
  • Awards to be announced by past NTPA alumni and directors
  • Drinks and snacks available for purchase during intermission
  • Drawings for door prizes throughout the program
  • Open seating in the Rodenbaugh Theatre


  • One of Dallas’s hottest DJ’s will be conducting the night’s music!
  • Food and drinks will be available for purchase or pre-event coupon.
  • Photo booth, photos with friends and directors and MORE
  • Afterparty admittance is free to those with tickets and NTPA alumni. Only high school freshmen or older will be admitted.
  • Event ends at midnight

Ticket Information

  • General Admission Student and Adults –
    • Early Bird – $25* (ends Dec. 31)
    • Regular – $35*
  • Overflow/Closed Circuit Viewing – $19*
  • Performance-Only Ticket (for non-Senior Division Performers) – $9
    • Entitles the participant to perform in the event
    • Entitles viewing by one parent per ticket
  • Alumni students and parents – $0*+

Add Ons

  • Food Coupon (meal during after party) – $5
  • Drink Coupon (non-alcoholic drinks during intermission and after party) – $5

PLEASE NOTE: TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE FOR STUDENT PARTICIPANTS ONLY UNTIL DECEMBER 8. We want to make sure our students get the first chance at attending this year’s Senior Division AMP Awards and so are offering tickets for sale to SENIOR DIVISION STUDENT PARTICIPANTS ONLY through December 8. On December 9, General Admission seats will be made available to the public. Please submit the name of the student for whom the ticket is purchased in the space provided. Any tickets purchased for someone other than a Senior AMP Awards student will be rejected.

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*includes entry to After Party

+NTPA Alumni not in honored classes may attend without charge, so free Alumni participation is allowed for those beyond the “13th Grade.” Alumni of age to be award recipients in this year’s Senior Division AMP Awards must purchase tickets to participate.  NTPA Alumni parents also may attend the Closed Circuit Viewing and Receptions without charge.

Event Location Start Time End Time
Reception Pavilion, 1st floor outside Dillards 4:30 5:30
Red Carpet Walk to Rodenbaugh Theatre From pavilion to theatre 5:30 6:00
ACT I Rodenbaugh Theatre 6:00 7:15
Intermission Egelston Akers Black Box 7:15 7:45
ACT II Rodenbaugh Theatre 7:45 9:00
After Party Egelston Akers Black Box 9:00 Music Stops at 11:30, Doors Close at Midnight
Adult Reception Area with Wine/Snacks Neiman Marcus Welcome Center 6:00 Midnight

Senior Division Live Acts

This year’s program features these FOURTEEN honored performances from your favorite shows from across the NTPA system!

Senior Division Participants must purchase a general admission ticket to the Senior Division AMP Awards to perform. Performers in these acts that are currently in Grades 9 and Below may purchase a General Admission Ticket after November 30 or purchase a “Performance-Only Ticket” for $9.

In most of these featured productions, there will be an opportunity for Alumni and participants from past shows to join the featured cast onstage to sing with the performance.

Costuming for the acts to be determined by the Director and Managing Director of the specific production.

First Act

Performance Number Director Troupe
Finale, Footloose Morgan Southard Alumni
Loud, Matilda Christian Black Dallas
Opening, Avenue Q Denver Danlya Fairview
Smart Phone Hour, Be More Chill Mike Mazur Plano
Alabama Stomp, Big Fish Morgan Southard Fairview
Home, Beauty and the Beast (All Past & Present Belle’s) Multiple All Troupes
Voulez-Vous, Mamma Mia Morgan Southard All Troupes

Second Act

Performance Number Director Troupe
Mamma will Provide, Once on this Island Mike Mazur Plano
Grease Lightning, Grease Danny Miranda Plano
Dance Scene, Newsies Multiple Plano & Frisco
Academy Montage (Into the Woods & Addams Family) Multiple Academy
Sword Fight, Romeo & Juliet Mick McCormick Plano & Frisco
Season’s of Love, RENT Morgan Southard Plano
One Day More, Les Mis Nick Mann Frisco


The AMP Awards is our very special celebration once a year, and typically participants dress in “prom-equivalent” or similar attire.  This year’s special “’80’s theme” means participants can get “Footloose” and attend in appropriate period attire so look forward to “powder blue” tuxes and dresses from that era. Attire for individual performances to be determined by the Director and Managing Director of the production.

People’s Choice Awards

The Following categories will be made available for voting and will be selected by Popular Choice!

  • Best Musical
  • Best Non-Musical
  • Best Costume Designs
  • Best Set Designs
  • Best Ensemble
  • Best Choreography

Alumni Participation

We want to make the 2020 Senior Division AMP Awards our homecoming celebration for our past participants. The 2020 Senior Division AMP Awards was scheduled to more easily allow their participation, and attendees will be honored at this event.

Our Alumni Program includes:

  • Free Admission to the Performances, the Red Carpet Reception, the After-Party, and all activities!
  • Opening Number performed by participants in Morgan Southard’s Alumni Production of “Footloose” performing January 3-4.
  • Alumni can participate in select numbers in which they were in past year’s casts.
  • Alumni will join the Directors in announcing the Nominees & Award Winners.
  • Alumni over age 21 may enter the “Adults Only” reception in the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center.
  • Special Alumni Hospitality Desk for check-in and information.
  • Parents of Alumni may attend all activities surrounding the 2020 Senior AMP Awards without charge, though must purchase a General Admission Ticket if they wish to have a seat in the Rodenbaugh Theatre. They may watch their children’s performances from the Viewing Area (standing room only).

Special Ticket Options

Because of anticipated demand and excitement for this year’s Senior Division AMP Awards, we are making available two unique and lower priced ticket options:

Overflow/Closed Circuit Viewing – $19*

This ticket entitles the bearer access to the Closed-Circuit Viewing Room in the Copeland Theatre so that they can view the entire program going on next door in the Rodenbaugh Theatre via closed-circuit video. This ticket also enables access to the Red Carpet Reception before the event, access to the Adult Reception Room in the Neiman Marcus Welcome Center during the Awards ceremony and the After-Party festivities. On a “space available” basis, this ticket will also entitle the holder access to the “standing room only viewing area” in the Rodenbaugh Theatre to enable viewing of a specific student performance.

Performance-Only Ticket (for non-Senior Division Performers) – $9

This ticket entitles a Non-Senior Division youth performer to participate in a Senior Division AMP Award Performance without having to purchase a full-price ticket and allows the bearer ONE access to the Closed-Circuit Viewing Room in the Copeland Theatre so that they can view their child’s performance going on in the Rodenbaugh Theatre via closed-circuit video AND on a “space available” basis, this ticket will also entitle the holder access to the “standing room only viewing area” in the Rodenbaugh Theatre to enable viewing of one student performance. Patrons must purchase one Performance-Only Ticket per viewing participant.

Non-Senior Division participants MAY purchase full-price tickets and receive all of the benefits of that ticket though ONLY grades 9 & above will be permitted to participate in the After-Party.

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