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Tenth Annual
Starcatchers AMP Awards & Fundraiser
Drive-Through Event
September 26
Willow Bend Parking Deck D Bottom (Lower) Level

The AMPs are NTPA’s (and Starcatchers) version of the Oscars, where performers get awards for their performances. If your Starcatcher has been in any Starcatchers performances since April 2019, then THEY HAVE WON AN AWARD! Come to the Starcatchers AMP Awards and find out what category you’ve won in. Maybe Best Actress in a Comedic Role? Most Despicable Male Villain? Who knows?

Our AMPs program will work a bit differently this year in order to maintain safety and keep in line with NTPA protocol.

For those who have earned awards: We welcome you to a “drive-through” AMPs. During this “drive-through,” your Starcatcher is welcome to hop out of their car, accept their award and goody bag (masks required!), snap a photo and return to their cars. We will be recording this award exchange, including red carpet and a star-studded cast of hosts!

After the awards are given, the AMPs committee will take the recorded footage, add in clips from last years’ shows, title screens, and some ‘movie magic’ to create a cohesive recorded awards show. Everyone is welcome to buy a ticket to view this virtual AMPs show the weekend of Oct. 10 (more details to come!). All proceeds from these tickets will go towards the “Together We Can Beat This” COVID Recovery Campaign.

Thank you again for your continued support and congratulations to all AMP award recipients!

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