Therapeutic Drama is a unique program designed to enhance the development of social and communication skills, motor skills, and cognitive/memory functions of special needs individuals through performance and visual arts, such as drama, music, dance, art etc.

Each student is coupled with a therapeutic drama intern to assist with the students development throughout the program.

All of our programs provide fun training and development for both the students and interns.

Upcoming Therapeutic Drama Events

Willow Bend

North Texas Performing Arts and Plano Children’s Theatre will be moving to The Shops at Willow Bend June 1, 2017. The Therapeutic Drama program will have a black box theatre in this new complex with customizations made for special needs students. This new space will increase the value of the Therapeutic Drama program by increasing the amount of programming we can provide.

In order to support this effort by NTPA, we are raising funds by selling stars on our wall of honor. If you would like to support the new Therapeutic Drama facility at Willow Bend, please consider purchasing a star! The stars will be displayed in the Therapeutic Drama Black Box Theatre and will be a permanent installation honoring our early supporters.

Purchase a Therapeutic Drama Star


The therapeutic drama student program promotes a safe environment for special needs students to socialize. They help them develop self-esteem and confidence as well as enhance motor skills and cognitive/memory development. The programs strive to increase focus and communication skills. Most importantly they strive to have fun and develop close, long lasting relationships with their follow cast members and interns.


The internships provide a unique training opportunity for those who want to pursue a career or higher education in special needs performing or visual arts education or those who just have a passion for the special needs and want to give back to the community. The students and interns have a very special close and symbiotic relationship. Both are essential for the program’s success.

Interested in applying to be an intern? Download the Therapeutic Drama Internship Application.

Therapeutic Drama Programming

Fall and Spring theater productions where therapeutic drama students and interns perform in popular plays and musical productions. These productions use music, drama, dance and art to develop the skills of individuals with special needs. They also provide advanced or continuing education for summer interns who are participating in a fall or spring therapeutic drama production.

Interns have access to a series of special training workshops. In addition, interns couple with a special needs partner and may function as a cast member in the show or they may “shadow” a special needs partner. Regardless of their role, the function of the intern is the same, to help their partners shine during a stage performance in front of a live theater audience.

Therapeutic Drama summer student programming consists of a series of workshops designed to enhance skills in order to continue to development so every student can maximize potential during the fall and spring productions.

Therapeutic Drama summer internship provides training for those with an interest in performing and visual arts and special needs education and development. Interns have hands on experience administering the therapeutic drama student summer program. Additionally, interns gain skills to be used to intern during a fall or spring therapeutic drama production and experience or workshops on marketing, nonprofits, fundraising and more.